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Red Rebel Armour: An Indigenous Company Working to Lower Recidivism

Tansi Nîtôtemtik,

Today’s post is about Red Rebel Armour.

Red Rebel Armour is an Indigenous clothing company in Canada, started by Sean Rayland. The company is largely Indigenous-led, and features clothing designed and produced by Indigenous artists. They use ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials, and utilize a “made to order” strategy that helps reduce waste. [1]

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Based solely on these facts, and because of their beautiful designs, Red Rebel Armour is already a great company to support. But the story behind the company makes it even more powerful, and gives further reason to support the brand.

Rayland created the company to help reduce recidivism (reoffending) of Indigenous people who have been released from prison. He realized that recidivism was largely influenced by the lack of viable employment opportunities that are available to Indigenous people when they are released with a criminal record, as well as by other barriers put in place by racism and colonialism. [2]

Lowering recidivism rates is important, because it means less crime is occurring, and less government resources are used up by the prison system.

Red Rebel Armour works to combat recidivism rates, by creating employment opportunities, on-the-job training, and a culturally safe work environment for Indigenous people who have returned to the community. [3]

Red Rebel Armour showcases Indigenous innovation, creativity, and strength. Indigenous peoples continue to show resilience in response to colonization, and this company is one example of such power.

It feels good to support businesses that help the community, and companies like Red Rebel Armour are a great place to find gifts for loved ones this holiday season.

You can check out Red Rebel Armour’s designs here.

On another note, thank you for tuning into the blog with us this semester! It has been a great experience learning with the team and the readers, and I appreciate each of you. This is my last post for 2022, but I will see you again in the new year. Stay safe, and have a great holiday season!

Until next time,

Team Reconcili-ACTION YEG

[1] Red Rebel Armour Inc., “Mission and Vision” (last visited 4 December 2022), online: Red Rebel Armour <>.

[2] “Indigenous clothing company looks to help people getting out of jail” (29 November 2022) online: APTN National News <>.

[3] Supra note 1.

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