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For all my relations: a zine!

Tansi Ninôtemik,

Earlier this week we discussed Indigenous Leadership Theory.

For today’s post, I created a zine inspired by Indigenous leadership.

The zine includes digital art, photography from around the city, a mural from Vancouver, and a few quotes from books that left a lasting impact on me.

Attached is a flattened version of the zine. Due to the upside down images, two copies of the zine have been included. The image placement is due to the way the zine is folded.

Physical copies can be found around the University of Alberta law building.

For more information on zines, check out some resources:


See you next week!

The ReconciliAction YEG Team

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[2] Tanya Tagaq, Split Tooth, 1st ed (New York City: Viking Press, 2018) at 121.

[3] Lauren Brevner and James Harry, Rememory, (Vancouver Art Gallery Disorientations and Echo: 2021).

[4] Solomon Ratt, Kâ-Pî-isi-kiskisiyân/The Way I Remember, 1st ed (Regina: University of Regina Press, 2023) at 225.

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