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Kawaskimhon 2023: Indigenous Law Moot

Tansi Nîtôtemtik, A few days ago, I participated in the Kawaskimhon Moot, which was held in Victoria this year. Students and coaches from...

Cumulative impacts on First Nation Lands

Tansi Nîtôtemtik, This month on the ReconciliACTION blog, we discuss the complex relationships between Indigenous peoples, the...

Restorative Justice - A Path Forward

Tansi Nîtôtemtik, In today’s post, we will be looking at restorative justice within the Canadian criminal justice system. While the term...

Change Makers: Meet Andrea Menard

Tansi Nîtôtemtik, This week, we are recognizing Indigenous leaders and legal professionals at the forefront of Indigenous law and...

Why Canada Needs Indigenous Judges

Tansi Nîtôtemtik, Today’s post will look at the importance of having Indigenous judges and justices in Canadian courts. While much of...

Legal Pluralism

Tansi Nîtôtemtik, Around this time last year, I was sitting in class listening to students debate on legal pluralism. This conversation...

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